Focus on the Family — the Colorado Springs-based, $100-million-per-year hub of the U.S. antigay, ex-gay, and anti-family movement — lashed out this week at a Colorado bill that would ensure equal access to state public accommodations by gay, bisexual, and transgender Coloradans. The legislation specifically exempts places of worship.

Instead of informing its readers and radio listeners of the legislation’s actual wording and purpose, and its protection of the religious freedom of all, Focus opted to lie — calling the legislation a bill of rights for “sexual predators … in any public bathroom they come across.”

“SB 200 threatens public safety and tramples religious freedoms,” [Bruce Hausknecht, Focus “judicial” activist] said. “This bill needs to be vetoed and sent back to the Legislature with instructions to come back next session with something that all Coloradans can be proud of.”

Neither Exodus International nor any other ex-gay activist has yet to object to Focus’ attack on the right of gay and transgender people to go to the bathroom. Nor have they objected to Focus’ effort to undermine the religious freedom of any Coloradan whose religious beliefs dictate that society at large must treat gay or gender-variant neighbors and taxpayers with equality and respect.