An “Ex-Gay” Therapist’ Credibility and Career in Tatters

A few years back, Warren Throckmorton, an erstwhile psychologist and full-time blogger from a tiny Christian school, filmed a noxious “ex-gay” video, “I Do Exist.” The documentary begins at New York’ porn palaces on 8th Avenue – with the seedy atmosphere shot deliberately to signify gay life.

Not long into the video, we were introduced to a nutty exorcist who is known to extract demons from the anuses of gay men. In his typical slippery way, the public relations conscious Throckmorton fails to identify the woman as an exorcist (as she was identified in two other movies, “One Nation Under God” and “Chasing the Devil,” with apparently less truth challenged producers)

Later in the movie, we meet Noe Gutierrez, who had supposedly gone from gay activist to “ex-gay ” spokesperson. For several minutes, he prattles about his tale of transformation – essentially becoming “living proof” that ex-gays exist. Well, last week he renounced his testimony, meaning that as an ex-gay he doesn’t exist. History, once again, has repeated itself, with the latest so-called “ex-gay” leader coming out of the closet. This has happened so many times that this story line, quite frankly, has become somewhat stale. I mean how many times can we see this rerun before people get it?

Unfortunately, this professional humiliation hasn’t stopped Throckmorton from hawking his fictional movie – or just giving it away on his website. Lacking basic integrity and personal responsibility, this slick charlatan persists in retailing ruin to desperate and vulnerable people.

One would think that a person who talks incessantly about values would have the humility to admit he was wrong and repent for his sins. How about a new movie, “I Don’t Exist”? That, however, would take solid character – something that is sorely lacking in Mr. Throckmorton’ duplicitous career. He still has not come forward with success stories from his alleged 250 clients. He is also not upfront about his cozy relationships, over the years, with right wing extremists like Bob Knight, Peter LaBarbera and Richard Cohen. (One wonders how many of these fringe elements are on his “Fav Five” speed dial? )

In promoting this fraudulent video, Throckmorton is mirroring the behavior of the American Family Association, which sells “It’ Not Gay,” a title that features failed, orgy-loving Michael Johnston. Until “I Do Exist” is expunged from his website or a new version is made with the real Noe Gutierrez story, Throckmorton is no better than a shameless con artist or backcountry huckster. What kind of man claims to be moral and Christian, while consciously misleading people?

Of course, the oleaginous Throckmorton is using semantic tricks to cover his retreating behind. Dr. Duplicity spins his failure by saying it was “a snapshot in time involving 5 people who had reported shifts in sexual orientation.” Well, Mr. Throckmorton, the sun has set on your movie, just like your fading and fringe career. If you have a shard of sincerity or a modicum of morality, you’ll extinguish every trace of this false film and apologize to the possible victims you may have damaged.

It is time for Throckmorton to redeem himself by acknowledging – without qualification -that “ex-gays” only exist in his wild and overactive imagination. Until this time, he lacks the credentials and credibility to be taken seriously in rational discussions of sexual orientation.
Last month, Throckmorton was scheduled to speak on a panel at the American Psychiatric Association’ annual meeting. No doubt, his goal was to pose in front of the APA’ logo and make his junk science appear sound. At the last minute, the symposium was aborted after fellow panelist, Gene Robinson, the openly gay Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire, withdrew.

The experience embittered Throckmorton, who promptly went on a “Sour Grapes Media Tour,” portraying the APA, in right wing publications, as fearful of an honest debate. However, if Throckmorton and his right wing cronies really want a truthful discussion, why don’t they propose hosting one of their own forums at Focus on the Family? Perhaps, it’ because they are petrified of allowing their flock to hear what APA experts really have to say about sexual conversion programs.

Throckmorton also fails to mention that he lacks the substance to be taken seriously. He has yet to write a book, conduct a genuine study or show empirical evidence that would legitimize his efforts.

Instead of laboring in the lab, Throckmorton eschewed hard work and rented a video camera to film the fragile. The catastrophic climax to his B-movie monstrosity was a predictable end to his directing debut. That he continues to direct the right wing’ ex-gay efforts shows their desperation and how far they are willing to go to spin science to justify their dubious political efforts.