Focus in the Family has long been truth challenged. A story on its website this week, “Psychiatric group will host “historic’ symposium on faith and therapy,” shows just how unethical and slippery the organization can be.

In discussing its quarterly “ex-gay” roadshow, in one sentence, the organization claims, “Love Won Out says it does not attempt to ‘fix’ gays and lesbians, a charge heard often from its critics in the APA.”

In the same paragraph, Focus claims, “We exist to help men and women dissatisfied with living homosexually understand that same-sex attractions can be overcome.”

Um, excuse me, but people with more than three brain cell recognize that “fixing” and “overcoming” homosexuality are the exact same thing. It is a shame that Focus on the Family, a group that claims to represent morals and values, has such trouble with honesty. What message do they send to children when they peddle falsehoods and twist words to suit their radical agenda?