Between 1933 and 1945, approximately 50,000 gay Germans were incarcerated and as many as 10,000 were slaughtered in the concentration camps.

But that horrible fact has been declared politically inconvenient by the religious right, and so Kentucky’s General Assembly has removed mention of gay victims from a new law making additional Holocaust-education curriculum materials available to eighth-graders.

The Senate deleted a clause in the House version that cited other people the Nazis deemed “undesirable” because of their “race, nationality, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and political ideology.”

Whitaker said he received indications earlier in the session that the reference to sexual orientation was a “red flag” that could have endangered the bill.

But Senate Majority Leader Dan Kelly, R-Springfield, said in an interview that was never an issue for Senate leadership.

He said he had no problem with curricula discussing homosexual victims of the Holocaust as long as it’s “age-appropriate.”

Whitaker said that, even without the language on other victims of the Nazis, “you can’t study the Holocaust and not also come across pink triangles,” the insignia that homosexual prisoners were forced to wear.

We’d like to know more about the Kentucky politicians who voted for legislative ignorance regarding the victims of the Holocaust.

Specifically: Have they or their churches, directly or indirectly, received donations or propaganda from antigay and ex-gay organizations that in turn are served by ex-gay Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively?

It turns out that Lively, supporter of antigay violence and author of an infamous Holocaust-revisionist screed called The Pink Triangle: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, has a foundation within his ex-gay Abiding Light Ministries. Since 2005, the foundation has given more than $10,000 to antigay and ex-gay activist groups including NARTH, Peter LaBarbera, Paul Cameron, Stephen Bennett and PFOX.

We wanted to know more about Lively’s finances, so we checked Lively’s 990 forms on Guidestar.

Abiding Light takes in about $100,000 per year from antigay donors. But the forms do not list specific large donors. The forms claim that the foundation’s board and staff are unpaid: Lively claims to have worked 40 hours per week in 2005 and 2006 but claimed compensation of only $9,000 in 2005 and nothing in 2006.

We want to know: What did Lively buy — in terms of political allegiances — with those donations? Where does one spend $100,000, if not on salaries?

Who are the individuals and foundations that receive aid and propaganda from Lively, and who “donates” to Kentucky legislators with the expectation that they will revise legislative descriptions of the Holocaust?

Hat tip: BTB