Send them to Mexico. Commenting on federal legislation that would allow foreign individuals to join their gay American partners on U.S. soil, Family Research Council activist and PFOX representative Peter Sprigg says the United States should export homosexuals, not import them.

How not to evangelize: Ex-gay activist Stephen Bennett recently spent several days coaching students at Lincoln Christian College in how to alienate gay people of faith through stereotypes. If students reject Bennett’s advice, there may yet be hope that hearts will be touched.

Hear, hear: People are understandably skeptical that Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern might be as divisive, self-righteous, paranoid, unloving, ignorant, or untruthful as her critics claim. Skeptics may listen to her entire recent speech about same-sex-attracted American terrorists, disease-carriers, and evil billionaires. Or read Kern’s entire speech. For all her indignant godtalk, Kern doesn’t quote a single Bible verse — or offer even a token of compassion for gay people, their families or their congregations. An Oklahoman observes that freedom of speech does not entitle Kern to abuse her public office.

Give me liberty or give me…: The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations says state Rep. Sally Kern — whose recent speech consigned gay Americans to early death (from a disease called love?) — has not received death threats in response, despite claims to the contrary by Kern’s supporters.

Ferraro and Wright and Hagee, oh my: Are all the 2008 candidates for U.S. president pandering to divisive elements more than usual? Just curious.