Gender identity is very important to God,” according to Exodus executive vice president Randy Thomas.

But what verses of the Bible or any other authoritative religious document refer to “gender identity”? In an interview published today by Focus on the Family, Thomas does not say.

Sidestepping specifics about the Bible, Thomas ignores a growing Christian debate about gender-variant Biblical role models and eunuchs, broadly labels gender-variant individuals as “confused,” and offers a bold generalization: that the courage to express one’s individuality is the fault of unidentified “activists.”

In defending a worldview of strict gender roles, Thomas projects his own conformism onto these nameless activists when he says, “These activists are preaching this very strict worldview that there is no gender, and people are left confused. It’ no wonder that they come up with all kinds of ways to identify.”

Thomas asserts that unspecified gay and transgender activists are going into schools; he cites no examples. He further asserts that — with the curious exception of abstinence-only programs — discussion of gender identity and sexuality (even, possibly, in the context of bullying) should be delegated to students’ homes.

What any of this has to do with Thomas’ area of expertise — ministry to “ex-gays” and gay or bisexual people — again, Thomas does not explain. Lacking an explicit Biblical basis for his views, Thomas seems to be softly echoing recent sentiments by Exodus conference speaker Ken Hutcherson, who declared that God hates effeminate men.