Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Robert L. Jamieson Jr. visited Exodus speaker Ken Hutcherson at his Seattle-area megachurch recently and today offered observations about Hutcherson’s betrayal of his own victory over discrimination — and Hutcherson’s exploitation of “ex-gays”.

Jamieson said:

Ken HutchersonThe pastor isn’t the fuming-mad type. He’s jovial, with a cornball sense of humor.

But he enjoys his power as a self-appointed morality cop too much. What are those old Bible lines? About a haughty spirit before a fall? About casting judgment?

And why such intense focus on gays? Leviticus talks about banishing couples if a man sleeps with his wife while she is having her period. I don’t see anyone chasing down sinful couples.

Faith is not spiritual nonsense. But runaway or arbitrary faith is dangerous.

And as a black man who grew up in segregated Alabama, Hutcherson ought to have empathy for victims of discrimination.

While talking with Jamieson, Hutcherson cited the supposed existence of a handful of ex-gays as justification for his discrimination against gay people, saying:

“Because it’s a choice and because people can get out of it, how can it be equal to the same struggle black people went through?

“I can’t take a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy.’ I walk in a room and you know I’m black. The only way I know someone is homosexual is if they tell me, or if their mannerisms give them away.”

Hutcherson recently declared that God hates men whom Hutcherson deems to be effeminate.