The following is an excerpt from the March 2008 electronic newsletter of Exodus Youth:

In the news

UK Foster Parents Must Support Homosexuality A Christian couple in the UK was told they were “unsuitable” to be foster parents because they refused to teach children that homosexuality is morally acceptable.

Many CA Students May be Leaving Public Schools A number of Christian organizations are urging parents to remove their children from public schools due to the passage of SB 777, a bill that will greatly increase the amount of pro-homosexual propaganda incorporated into the school system.

Homosexuality: A Polarizing Term A group called Catalyst recently visited a Love Won Out conference. They were able to interview many of the main speakers, including Alan Chambers, and have posted those interviews on their website.

These articles and many more are available on the Exodus Media Blog.

Of these three “news” items, the second is excerpted from a partisan political publication, and none of the items relates in a constructive way to the struggles or needs of gay or “ex-gay” youths and their families.

Why is Exodus officially parroting partisan political propaganda six months after, it says, it decided to refrain from such activity?