Philosophy professor John Corvino, writer of “The Gay Moralist,” has written a column titled “Respecting Ex-Gays.” His theme:

I am not at all threatened by the notion that some people can change their sexual orientation, if indeed they can.

Corvino emphasizes that successful change of orientation appears unlikely at best — and undesirable. He provides a concise, three-point critique of the ex-gay movement’s faults:

  • Promotion of myths about behavior and lifestyle
  • Abuse of science
  • Promotion of false cures for a condition that is not a psychological disorder

Corvino lacked room in his column to cite these additional self-destructive flaws:

  • the ex-gay movement’s political exploitation of people who struggle with sexuality, faith, depression, and compulsive behaviors
  • the damage done, without apology, to individuals, families, and marriages
  • ex-gay efforts to promote antigay anger and harassment in schools, churches and the media

But hey, nobody’s perfect.