Former ex-gays who gathered in Memphis, Tenn., on Feb. 23 have, with lightning speed, unleashed a series of new videos that could fill a small cineplex. Numerous survivors of Exodus ex-gay programs document the shame, deception, cynicism, hopelessness and family trauma that were sold to them and their families by Exodus International and Focus on the Family in the guise of “hope” and “family values.”

Former Love In Action participants Brandon Tidwell and Jacob Wilson and ex-gay survivor John Holm discuss the misunderstanding, rejection, denial, and sexual and religious shame that was vented upon them and their peers. Former ex-gay Christine Bakke tours the Ex-Gay Survivor Art Show. Ex-gay movement critic Jim Burroway attended the ex-gay roadshow Love Won Out last year and now reports on the heartbreak and blame that Focus dumped upon parents and relatives who comprise much of the roadshow’s audience. And ex-gay survivor Peterson Toscano remembers the abuse suffered by his parents at the hands of a “Family and Friends Weekend” organized by Exodus’ flagship live-in program, Love In Action.