logoThe founder and editor of, Victor Jorquera, recently aligned with an antigay church, renounced his sexual orientation, and asserted that gay people suffer from problems that cannot be solved through professional therapy or through religious paths other than conservative Christianity.

The Spanish-language of Spain quotes (rough translation):

Jorquera, who says things like, “From something as miserable and shameful for me as being ‘gay’ I became a child of God,” classifies homosexuals into three types:

The gay pagans who do not participate in religious institutions; those who are are fashionable; and those who recognize their sin. It is the latter for which GayChile works.

The English-language further translates (Spanish version):

“Beginning in the first half of 2008,, with permission from the Church Missionary Biblica (Biblical Christian Church), will issue […] a series of programs that will help […] thousands of people in their encounters with Biblical truth. The idea of incorporating the programs comes from the need and interest of our users, many of them who are tired and troubled, and who over the 10 years of existence of have sought a solution to their personal problems, problems that are not resolved by meeting with psychologists, nor with Yoga, or transcendental meditation […] or by visiting witches or warlocks. The programs are clearly Christian […] and only rely on the resources that the Scriptures deliver […]

Talk of “thousands” of ex-gays, half-truths about the Bible, fear of science and professional support, and association of gay persons with witches — where have we heard this rhetoric before?

Hat tip: Gay Religion weblog