pfox.jpgParents and Friends of “Ex-Gays” (PFOX) has always been somewhat of a oddity. It was founded by the eccentric Anthony Falzarano (Roy Cohn’s former houseboy), who fronted the group for the Family Research Council – which funneled PFOX tens of thousands of dollars. After Falzarano ratted out the right, saying they did not truly support “ex-gay” ministries (just ad campaigns to pass anti-gay laws) the right wing drove him out of Washington.

The organization was then taken over by Regina Griggs, a mother who was embittered because she had an openly gay son. To help her with the operation, Griggs enlisted discredited therapist Richard Cohen, who was booted from the American Counseling Association. Like Falzarano, he was also chased away by the Religious Right in 2007, after a series of humiliating television performances.

Now, Griggs is on her own and clearly hasn’t done her homework. The blog, Good As You, discovered that in a radio and print interview supporting Surgeon General nominee James Holsinger for One News Now, a Christian media outlet, Griggs blatantly (or ignorantly) twisted the policy of the American Psychiatric Association to fit her anti-gay agenda. According to Griggs:

“The official position of all medical and mental health organizations and the American Psychiatric Association is that there is no biological or genetic cause or replicated study for homosexuality,” she declares. “So, why as a doctor should he not be allowed to interpret and support the fact that change is possible? That’s what medical science says.”

The truth is,the APA has no official position on the causes of homosexuality. The APA, however, has made many policy decisions which would support the view that the scientific studies of homosexuality do, in fact, support that there is some biological component to homosexuality.

“Griggs flat out lied to this Christian news outlet, disrespecting its audience and the members of her own organization,” said Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen. “Distorting science and medicine in defense of a Surgeon General nomination, certainly is not going to help James Holsinger’s case for confirmation.”