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Another Reason For Conservative Anglicans To Hate The U.S. Episcopal Church

…besides that they elected another gay Bishop. And when you get right down to it, probably they count this sin as even more unpardonable. From

December 08, 2009 Blog

The Archbishop Breaks His Silence…

…But not about Uganda’s Kill-The-Gays law. Archbishop of Canterbury rebukes Episcopal leaders after L.A. diocese elects gay bishop The spiritual leader of the global Anglican

December 07, 2009 Blog

Twittering Past The Graveyard…

Via Atrios… Rick Warren is apparently getting a tad miffed at all this attention his indifferent response to Uganda’s proposed kill-the-gays law is getting. Wonkette

December 01, 2009 Blog

You Can Trust Me…Except When You Can’t…

Via Andrew Sullivan… Patsy McGarry, writing in The Irish Times about the child sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church, finds something absolutely fascinating in

November 27, 2009 Blog

Like Christians…But Without All That Blessed Are The Poor Stuff…

Michael Jones over at Change.Org has a post up wondering if same-sex marriage will be the next thing Catholic Bishops will start threatening to deny

November 24, 2009 Blog

The Manhattan Declaration: In A Culture Of Death, Marriage Cannot Be About Love.

H.L Mencken’s observation that theology is an attempt to explain the unknowable in the terms of the not worth knowing kept coming back to me

November 23, 2009 Blog

The Sum Of All Consciences

That “Manhattan Document” is available online now and already blogger Instaputz makes a good catch: One of its signers is Arch Homophobe Peter J. Akinola,

November 21, 2009 Blog

Statement Of Conscience: Just Give Us The Money

When the man who was once called Richard Nixon’s hatchet man steps up to the podium to deliver a statement of conscience along with 150

November 20, 2009 Blog

By Way Of An Introduction….

Hello to all the readers here at Truth Wins Out. My name is Bruce Garrett. Michael has graciously invited me to do some blogging in

November 19, 2009 Blog
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