Truth Wins Out urges its supporters to sign our new petition at urging Google to delete a dangerous and demeaning “pray away the gay” app from its online store.

Google can’t have it both ways. Either the company stands for diversity and decency, or it stands with an app that promotes hate and harm to LGBT people, particularly vulnerable youth who are targeted by this deceptive and destructive app. Google must stop its inexplicable foot-dragging and follow its own stated principles and guidelines by eliminating this toxic product.

By any standard, the app is noxious and discriminatory. It brazenly compares homosexuality to an addiction caused by “deep-seated wounds.” It casually trashes the rich and fulfilling lives of most LGBT people by claiming it “can help homosexuals leave their destructive lifestyles.” Living Hope repeatedly belittles transgender people by saying they suffer from “gender confusion.” The group refers to gay men as “sexually broken guys” who can “walk out of false identities” and claims, without evidence, that the “gay lifestyle” is “spiritually and physically harmful.”

It’s time for Google to exhibit corporate responsibility. It should swiftly join Apple, Microsoft and Amazon in deleting this heinous app that promotes prejudice and fosters discrimination.

Please sign our petition now