TWO’s original webmaster, Phillip Perrry, has an exciting new petition, urging Jets bench warmer Tim Tebow to change his mind about speaking at First Baptist Dallas. Like Phil, I went to Tbow22University of Florida and don’t want the name of our great university besmirched by its most famous graduate. Here is part of Phil’s petition:

As a University of Florida alumnus who happens to be a gay, I was disappointed and heartbroken to hear about Tim Tebow’s upcoming speaking engagement at First Baptist Dallas on April 28, 2013. The controversial church’s senior pastor Robert Jeffress has made a litany of offensive and hate-filled remarks about the gay community, as well as Judaism, Islam and Mormonism. That’s not the type of church a compassionate evangelical like Tim Tebow should be associated with.

For so many, Tim Tebow is an inspiration on and off the field. He symbolizes compassion, humility and optimism – the type of person who leads a life of philanthropy and inspires us all to do better. While I may not agree with him on every issue, I respect and admire that he has always followed a path of inclusion, not division. It’s because of this that many fellow Gator fans and I have proudly defended Tim Tebow over the years, even when others have attacked and questioned his motives.

I know he doesn’t have the same hateful beliefs as Robert Jeffress, but he needs to reaffirm that to all of us who believe in him. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in urging Tim Tebow to promptly cancel his appearance at First Baptist Dallas.

Phil is way more generous in his estimation of Tebow than I am. I’m beginning to suspect that Tebow has a messiah complex, which promises to get significantly worse as he transitions from putrid passer to pulpit preacher. We may soon find that he is a fake Christian, more dangerous than generous, who becomes a nemesis in the religious and political arenas.  After all, with a little coaching, he could likely become the governor of Florida next month.

Although, he has one big obstacle to overcome if he has political aspirations: He is a grown man who has never expressed an original public thought or utterance in his entire life. Everything that I have heard come out of his mouth he was force fed by his parents or their church. In some meaningful way, he will have to demonstrate that he is his own man, not simply a fundamentalist wind-up doll, who spits out bland platitudes and Bible passages. As a Gator, I am rooting for Tebow and hoping I am wrong about his future, but this stint at First Baptist is pretty much confirming what I had already suspected.

Anyway, Phil has a good petition and I urge our readers to sign it.