We are at a historic crossroads where we have a genuine opportunity to undermine the consumer fraud known as the “ex-gay” myth. In 2012 several notable events occurred:

  • Exodus’ Alan Chambers admitted that “ex-gay” ministries don’t really work
  • Former Love in Action leader John Smid reinforced Chambers’ admission
  • Dr. Robert Spitzer disavowed his study on the “ex-gay” myth
  • A radical band of “ex-gay” activists broke away from Exodus to start the Restored Hope Network
  • California banned “ex-gay” therapy for minors (which is now tied up in court)
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center sued JONAH and a therapist affiliated with that program

Given this favorable and quickly changing terrain, TWO will marshal its limited resources for important research and key investigations, offering less time for commentary on the day’s events. Our original research is needed in court cases, the media, and in state legislatures where bans on “ex-gay” child abuse are under consideration. Essentially, we are like prosecutors building a deliberate and irrefutable case against our guilty foes. We believe our work is critical to exposing this fraud, particularly when the charlatans at NARTH are now trying to portray themselves as mainstream, when they personify the extreme.

While posts will be less frequent on certain days, they will be more substantive and less ephemeral, offering lasting value to our fight against the quacks. Simply recapping the news, while good for our web statistics and quick media hits, will not put the “ex-gay” industry out of business. And that’s our goal, isn’t it?

Only the unglamorous task of research and special investigations will hasten their demise. This is what we are dedicated to doing as we move forward in 2013. We hope our loyal readers will continue to support us as we face the critical task that lies ahead. Please consider a holiday gift to Truth Wins Out to help with our crucial work. We intend to have a significant impact in this debate, but we can only do so with your help.